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Music Courses
Zhuhai Classical Children's Choir
Founded in 2013 by Andrew Webb Mitchell, a British classical music composer, music educator and chorus conductor, Zhuhai children's voice Art Chorus provides professional training at the conservatory level based on the British chorus tradition for teenagers aged 8-18. The chorus is divided into four levels, each of which is named after a British composer, namely, bird, Purcell, singer Parry and El work overtime. In addition to learning singing skills, music theory, appreciation of works, stage performance and multi lingual pronunciation, members of the delegation will also have a deeper understanding of the history and culture of Western classical music under the guidance of professional conductors, so that Chinese children learning music can really understand music and fall in love with music.

The choir has been accompanied by classical music for eight years. It has trained hundreds of music loving children to perform on the stages of the Central Conservatory of music, Zhuhai Grand Theatre, Nanjing Grand Theatre, Changsha concert hall, CCTV, etc., and has become a professional chorus member on the same stage with the national symphony orchestras of Israel and Russia.
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