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Music Courses
ABRSM Theary
ABRSM was founded in 1889. Its members include four of the best music schools in the world. ABRSM aims to promote a high level of music education and professional evaluation.

The Weber Mitchell choral Centre offers royal music theory courses at levels 1-8. The course includes rhythm, scale, beat combination, interval, tonality, musical terminology, instrument introduction and playing method. This knowledge enables the members of the group to understand the tonality, rhythm, times and performance style of the new works before they begin to learn them. Understanding the tonality and interval can greatly improve the ability of solfeggio, and also help the league members to communicate more smoothly with composers at home and abroad. At the same time, we combine music theory with percussion instruments, so that the knowledge of music theory existing in the paper can live, and truly achieve the purpose of learning.
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